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tv   GMC Early Edition at 430a  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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>> h he a great weeeend. it's 4 40,ririy february 26t m m&m&karroll. and m dana clemens.s. arete foowing develolong situion fountainin el paso coun sheriff's deputies say a n is in cucuody after barricading hif in aome it happened at colonial trive and coconial court. thths where fininkrdo newsannel 's dana molininth the latest. . good morning dana. good mororng. live in fountain, dana molina, krdo newschnel 13. stananff o or
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bornrn76 foun baba undedeeaea me cthin and closet takenenen into ctody withouout t t t nt fedony warrants for kidiapapng, delight t ` memecing, , assault withth$- deadly weapon. crimreduduion unit atteming to take him in. transported to cjc extensive criminal history. t he approximely 45 yet tbe known if he'll face additional charges he is safe, deputies safe deputies let people know 's safe to o tvrn home. swat went in and got here's a l le lookokt... ad-lib toss to by... weather on 1s today: it will be today: it will be warmer with sunny skies. tempatureses temperatures ll wm into ththths and
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ththmounins. itill`l`l`, with alight eeze through with a slit breeze throughgh thehafternn. exexexed: :& saturday's'sigig ll be ininhe 60v and 7070th windndusts raraing g tween a a 40m. ranging between nd 40mph this dry, warm and windy combinationowill ad to hihihiire danger, , re weatr wahes ve already bebe ed foror portions o southern colorado beginning at 10 0 a.m.m.mrday. nday will be a.a. saturday. ndayill be cloudier and oler behind a weak front. the xt storm stem is expectct to arrive late monday. it is monday's system t tt will bring backhe chbnce for showers,s,ith the potentiaiafor rain/snow to l!st inin tuesdayby thisistorm will another quick-k-ver, exititg thstate by wednesday and likely not prprucin in the wayayf
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a former rocky ford cefficer accud of murdrd is back in court today. looking ahead this morning. today will be a statat conferen for jajas asasak 'sccus ofofhooting jack jacquez while on duty in n 14. hby toldld investigators, he ought jacqz was a rglala. t jaue was inside his n home. the trial's been delayed twrce.e. it's now 7th.d. the year afr kelsie llg wentmissininin police are looking tohh heheboyfriens ipiphoneneor@ answs.bubuthey're having a diicult time nene from donthe lucas' iphone. heaser contac haha tried to eak into the one fo months, but say very difficu. that's also @ bebe the case for the f-b-i in the sasa bernardino ootings. puebeb-d-days theyeye waiting g
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before moving ard. but schelling's mothth is disappointed and says theotheopons. "ds aliv court totory and gegethe password from him and if f he doesn't comply he can hd in saxton h against lucas poli departmeme, case. the are e w developmn thehbatttt between apple and the b-i. judge's order r break into the sabernrndino oooor's i- phon the te giant is asking the e judge to vace that order. critics on pitol hi firing bk at applafc-e- titicookok cluse ininrvifwiwi& a-b-ne. thf-b-hehe sa this is@s abouone . ok disagree thisisase e about th fufure. what--hat at ste here is can thth gpvern compel
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wre ftwa thate eve d make huhure of miioio of customers vulnabab ound t t trld, inuding g the u.s.s.. the juste department rejects apple' gument`dnd vow fight in court. pmama resents arcounun e ilmourning... afte thdeofof populapu corpat caigas shsh by rtin wirth while serving an eviction notice. wirth also jured two other depupues before he wawa killed. two ople who we close to carrigan say he was like family. . "irove with nate and then i i drdrdrhim in scho, toooto many sports occasion ststst night reheheas os' skll and s stsoso psketball at thelen schoolh my daught. . 's a ery y me." alg wi being a fufu-tmm deputy..
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also a footbtbl and baac canyon hich l t ople a d another r inred in a rif shootings in central kans. it a hapnene yesterday he town of hessto southwesesof kansas citytyt the lol shf'f'f'fisays t fr r lled we sh deee induries, which kes lawn mower products. an officic shot the suspecf/f/ho worked@dhere. verara woers saw hapned. "he yellededey, and th boom, boom, boomnd proceedeto g/g into the building." the county sherif descririh haededs "hororble ipcident". he also says the investigation will take "some time" to get througug the republicic presidential hopefuls sqsqred off... just days before super tueses.. all is comes as democrats prepare for this weekend's south carolina prary.abnnh moton n th te4i4i decion016.go frontrunne donald truru flanked by his rivals ted cruz
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rubio... sot dododo t tmp 22229:9: f fst o o alalthis g g i ia e artititi g g's a liaia o, thehe repuican taishmhmt favorite unlolohehesi aybobo o trtrtr sotot 21:03:3: trump: we'r'rsing s s mumu with mexicond chcha rubio: i don't understand, becausyour tiesesnd t t hes you ke is de in mexico and in china. you'll be starting a trade war against your own ties and ur o o suiui. trump: you d d't knkn a tngng about t sinene. on immigration, trump was accused of hiring undocunted workers. 20:52:38 you're ly person on this stagehat's ever been ned for hiring people to w wk on your ojects illegally. trump: no, no, i'm the only one at this stage that's hired people. you haven't hire anybody. on trump's tax returns trump 21:56:51 i want to release my tax returns but i can't rease it while i'under an audit ted cruz 22:02:07 he doesn't want to do ibecause presumable there's s somethg in there is bad. john kasich touted his record. ben carson delivered a head scratching comment on how he would fill the supreme urt vacancy. sot ben carson 21:32:33 the fruit salad of their life is what i will look at. while the republicans debated... nat charlie wilson concert hilly clinton danced at a charliwilson concert ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary and lked race at a north charlest
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a midwest obama's for e republicans, say an energized trump lost. but that may not be billionaire's tuesday. votersn other states wi head to the super tuesy. police in an unusual ase. colodo and 11 other states sutuesday.y. police in california were taken a b b of unusual chase. why they were forced to o follow a mythihal eaturereor miles down a busy road ... busy road ... . pwe're loloing ahead totoarmeni mperatures
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tota it will be warmer w w ly sunny skies.tempmpaturur warm inin. thths and 60 lolorororo elevionsnsth 40 ininstay, , with a slight breeee t thrhrghgh ththththrnn.n.extended: satutuay'y hhs willllelel t t 6 6 d 70s wi rangngngngtwtwn n is d d, , , - ndy coeoeoation`n`llll ad t t t)hfire weuthewatches s alrly y en issued for portitns of soheheh%lororo ginning atat0 atda nday w)wbe cloudier and cooler behehd a weak front. the nextxttorm syem is expeed ararve late monday. itits monday's syemt wi brinback the chance f showers, wh t& the potential for rain/snow to last into tuesday. is storm will be another quick-mover, exexe by wednesdayd&d d g`ly not 0poducucg much in the w of cumulating sn. ad-l-l wrap by on n n n n ckage t isn'n'n's$s$ problem ng today:till
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stlylylnny skse mpatur witltlm m the 5050an60s & r rhe e w%r r evations, th 3p3pan40s in moins. l st ththli bree tgh thafteoo extendnd saturdrzighs will be in the 60s and d s withth nd g grarginbetwtwn 30 and 404ph.h.h is dry, ,b,b combiwiwwwlwlwadd t thihi f ff dadada, fi we tcxchave already been ised forioioioutrn colorado benning at 10 a.m.aturday. ndnd will be flfldier a olerehehd a a wero nextxttorm stem i to arrive l l l monday. it is monday's system that t ll inwnwnck thehehehehe chanceor s, w wh the popontntial fofo rara/snonotoast into tuesday. thistorm will er
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by w wneayand like not producy+y+much in the way of accumulating snow. adadib wrarawiwi o oset papapatheft n't t ststst
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the holiya........ananher thief has been cght onama a lorara spspngs. a viewew posted to to our facebook page hi rvllcececamemes caed the ievestng papapge inhe un.. j a. it hpened wednesday aftern h hininin one willrecococoe th hiclclor peopop involved. if y h he inrmion call springs police at 4444700 the r of one pennlv co sp fod a ique way to dl withth a burglar.... ro alettetetffffing the ththf 20 dollll..nd ab.b. the opops unde construction... . and has had copper stolen he site twice. so, befofo the bandititould eak in a ahirdtime... . e owner decided to wte lele. he says... he understands that t person must be pretty spate for momoy toreak to the sititit they he ken n erything that't' here, and iftheyeye deerere toto comemeacacagaiai for whatever scraps ocoer thth canin i want them to knowhat the rsrs they'reredoing this to, wants to hp
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he says firsrs..... hehehe pretty angry... t hopepethe letter wl keepep hioprom being the ta for a third timeme herere somethinyou don't t e every day... a white pony took polole on a chase ehrough ththstreres of cafornia. the pony h escaped from a childrenbirthdayarty twe... and arted darting in a a out of traffic for several hour after hos of followowthe elusivivequine... nearbybyorse ner helped officers corner the pony. the wa't hurt in the chase. cleanup is still oning inhe southeast... after a dead storm sysysymoved d rough the region... still to come. 'la ok ame e mage bebi in one townn virginia... . heherere a liviv lo at... coming up we'l'l ha your spspts
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the sierra ys baskball team will begin their
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for a clasas stata chamamonshi p, when thth host wheat ridge in the pfirsrs roun.nk rothschi caught u u th thestallions day y fifi out how theyl trtr d rebound fr fin ur loss st season ... last year e season ended in heart break ... erra lost to longmont in the state semimiin's - - giving this ar's team a toh act to fofoowow.. "cing into t yeaeawe ead nopea h we would how we ulu be" coach terry dunn manad to find a sier lininin e loss ... "we learned how to al w wh the prsurereand riri to the challelee" now - working with a unger teama- heaks a simiple e tto ... "defense win championps, offense sells tickets." captains kion wingo anc-j jennin push the team to keep eieieicus on defefee... "we' been a defefeive e am ever sii o erra, and th year thth'ra t er a g aftft&thehe ball more." "you'vjust gotta have a lotf heart. u gotta wana ay defense. it t esn't take a l l of skill toeneneni i d kekeomeby f th strendndelthem t playough defsese theyouou dodit" " "there's a baskeall lelecy here at srra, and the teamameans a great deal to the school. so the chance to win a championship isisboututore than just baskekeall j`r
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stallionm. ou know 's just fun p fun t peleo o and tch,ou kst ououof tro. our r commununy, if you look aroundall thth bannnns - there's a a t of basketball onesing g ."he to make their community ppoud ... anas i i th neeeed any tra motivation - they've beenen lled an underdog in this year totonameme ... "we'e' known as a slslper teamnd t t t one of those am totoin it and d t beknown for it, at would be great thehe stallions art eir 4- totonament gallop tomorrow night - h he - against wheat ridg. . colodo ringng- nick roth - krdodo newswsannel l sports ... here's a live` look at.6.q today: it will b b warmer with stly sunny skies.s. tempmpatures
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the 50s d for the lower r elevations, with 30s andn404040 the motains. it will stay dry, with a sligh breeze tough e afternrnrn extended: turd's hhs wille in thehe0s anan70s wathth windtgranginbetween 30 and 40mph this d, wawa and wind mbininion ll lead/tgh fire danger, fire weathehe watctcs have already been issuedor portions i uthern colora beginning at 10 a.m. saturday. sunday will be cloudidi and cooler binina weakaknt. e nextxtxtrm system i i i expectcto arrive late monday. is moay's systst tt willg ba the chance for showers, with the potentiaiafo rain/snow to last into tue. th stoto will be anothth quick-mor, exitg the state by w w wsday and likelyly
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ad-lrap tht(t(t(abby on set abby on set eap effortrtare underwayin this morning in virginia... following this we's deadly storms. yesterday... cal volunteers lped to clclr ay tebris s at a historoc urch i apapmattox cocoty... where re than one- 23 years woh of hiy was destroyed by a rnad at least eight peopop were killed aererhe storsystem swept through both the south- eastern u-s. & ifououe heading tohe pueblooo. . . e's a new friendly facecto see ... how you can help name e e
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took oside... this is.....
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4:--. inus o o odod morning colorado. here a aook d as y wawa up this rning. if y y're down here's's little cheeu up. meet t newest little member of the
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is video of thth litttt guy. they say the sisiweek-old lion cub loves to snuggle with his mom. t they needsds a little help ng him a a theye e ing a contest t com up wiwiw suggestions. so far... th zoo says ty've receivedore than00 suggestions.s. thcontntt runs through march 12. we have a link the conte ononon website der the hot
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was a good guy from what know. police are searchinr answs this morning... aer a a n went o shootiti mpagagin kansas. we'll ha the latest. ll h he a l!ok at ur forect in st a a a ae bit. puebloloole are keina oseyon thehe legal bale betwn apple and the f-b- why ththhinini it could hel lve a well knn missing person's casas od morningng colodo. it's:0:0riday february 26t6t n rroll. and i'm dana clemens.


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